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The New NVCCLL website

The NVCCLL has been providing kids in our community the opportunity to learn and compete in baseball and softball for over 50 years!  During this time our league has experienced a number of changes, most recently the merger with Congers, the pandemic, and now our new website.

Our move to a new website was unfortunately necessary as the company that we had been working with for a over 15 years had entered a stagnant state; where support was difficult and no enhancements were being made.  These factors along with the looming risk of the company going out of business drove a number of leagues locally and nationally to change providers.  

As with any change there are positive and negatives that come with it.  The biggest negative is that all the sites we considered required our families to essentially recreate their accounts.  Although this is a significant pain that we would have liked to avoid there was a underlying reason that none of the newer sites would import users.  It all comes down to your security and privacy.  The rules around internet privacy have evolved a lot in the past few years and websites like the one we came from simply did not have the preventative measures needed to comply with current requirements.  As you register your account for the first time you will see some of this first hand as email addresses are verified, strong passwords required, and newer policies accepted.  The good news is that this only effects each of our families once as they sign up to the new site for the first time.  There are some other smaller technical drawbacks too but most of them will not impact users much.    To learn more about any of these gotcha's check out our website FAQ.

On the positive side we are gaining a lot with features that have long been out of our reach due to the old systems limitations.  Some of the highlights are:

  • The new system allows for integrated fan gear to be purchased, no more secondary store and picking up your orders a few times a year.  The new website has a wider variety of mechanize available year round and shipping directly to your door.
  •  The new system automatically collects and stores information needed by Little League International for tournaments or all stars.  No more dragging paperwork around every year, just upload it and that is transmitted directly to the LLI servers.
  •  The new system allows for payment plans.  Although we try to keep our registration costs as low as possible we realize that many of us can't pay it all right away.  Now instead of coordinating with the treasurer to drop of checks the system will spread out your payments across the season.
  •  The new system integrates with Gamechanger.  This is one of the most common requests we get from parents now adays as more and more leagues and travel teams track scores and stats in this popular app.  In the old system a team manager had to create the team roster and manage the schedule in the app in addition to our system.  This new system directly feeds data to Gamechanger so all teams and rosters will be available.  

In sort we are excited about our new website and confident that once our families have gotten through the initial pain of first time registration you will find it helpful also.  As we move into the spring season we also hope to provide a companion app for common features like scheduling for any families that do not use a tool like Gamechanger.
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