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Frequently Asked Questions

  • After I set my initial password I cannot log in = There is a bug in the system that will occasionally let a new user create their initial password without special characters. However the system does require passwords be at least 8 characters long, have numbers, letters, at least one CAPITOL letter and also a special character like -$#*. If you are trying to login after verification and your password is not working if it does not have all these requirements that is why. To fix it use the Forgot your password? Link under the continue button and follow the directions choosing a password that has all of these factors.
  • My verification email link is just blank = This happens from time to time when the system is busy. They know about it and are trying to fix it. Meanwhile if this happens the verification did actually work and you should be able to log into your account now.
  • My verification email link gets an error = This happens in some cases when using the chrome browser. If you get this either switch to a different browser or clear your cache.
  • When I try to setup my child it asks for Residency & School Attendance Eligibility = This is a mandatory question for Little League if your kid plays in all stars or other specialized tournaments. Since Little League encourages clubs to collect this info all the time incase it is needed this system forces us to ask from the time of setup but we have it set to be OPTIONAL at initial registration and will continue to collect this info for only players that end up needing it. So please select the option of Home and then click Continue.
  • When I try to volunteer it asks a bunch of questions = Any volunteer for the NVCCLL that has access to the kids information or that is in a leadership position with the kids has to pass a background check. This has been in place for more than 10 years now. This is true for the board, team managers, and coaches. This system helps us do those checks more quickly but you will need to respond to the questions and upload at least a valid Government Issues ID like your license. We do not need any state required clearances and will work with you later if your position requires training certs like CPR.
  • I setup my child and selected a program but I was told they are still not registered? = The new system works like a shopping cart so you setup the registration, answer all the questions then go and complete the payment for any programs in order to be fully registered. Until you have gone through the process of paying at least a deposit your registration is pending and thus will not be considered for any evaluation dates or drafts.
  • How do I ensure another caregiver is notified via email of a players events? = For players that need to have another caregiver or parent notified that is not associated with the family account simply enter their email address in your "secondary email address" box.
  • I used to be able to register without providing any payment but that does not seem to work? = The new system does not allow a registration to be completed without at least paying the deposit.  You can choose to pay the deposit only by credit card, the full amount, or use a payment plan that will deduct planned amounts at specific times through the season.  If your family has historically been a recipient of a player scholarship from our angels fund or you would like to apply please contact [email protected]
  • I want to pay by check how do I do that? = To pay your players registration by check you can either send a check before completing their registration for the full amount to our treasurer OR you can first register your player, pay the deposit by credit card, then send a check for the balance to the treasurer.  Either way checks would be sent to the NVCCLL treasurer P.O. Box 293 Valley Cottage NY 10989. once your check is received you will get a code sent back to apply to your registration payment that will zero out your balance.
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